Business Utility Savings

About Us

At Procure our primary focus is to deliver significant savings across Business Utilities. A completely free service, concentrating on cost management and cost reduction, we will increase your profits.

With many years of industry knowledge and experience, we are in a position to advise you on best practices, 
that will enable you to take advantage of large savings increasing your bottom line.
We get paid from suppliers so there is no cost to your business.
What We Do?

It’s very simple. We conduct an initial 15 minute consultation.
Procure will find out about your business and what areas you would like to save on and improve.
We will collect your existing bills and complete a forensic analysis. Bills are then tendered to all the major suppliers.
We will revert with our findings report on detailed savings in each area.
There is no obligation to switch and the final decision rests with you.

Key areas of focus are – Energy, Telecoms, Merchant Services, Commercial Lighting and Transport.
While we will reduce your business utility spend, we do much more!

Taking advantage of cutting edge technology, we also advise on business improvement in sectors such as
Energy Reduction, Customer Loyalty Programmes and CRM systems to name but a few.
Account Management

We want a customer for life.
As such we will not simply move onto the next business once your audit is complete.
Procures dedicated account management team will ensure full implementation of any changes you wish to make
with all important follow ups throughout the year.

Call us now on 01 5441300 or request a call back for an initial no obligation consultation.