Many businesses rely on card payments for their day-to-day operations. Let us compare your bills with multiple providers.
What are Merchant Services?
Merchant services are essential for businesses to efficiently process payments. These services include processing card payments, managing point of sale systems and payment gateways, and are vital for the smooth operation of businesses.
Revolutionise Your Business Transactions
Savings are achieved by reducing transaction costs and terminal rental. Save up to 35% from a fully managed seamless switch. A full audit of your current spend and systems is conducted. We will compare multiple suppliers to find the most cost effective option.

A reduction in your transaction fees results in an instant increase in your profit margins. Next day settlement as standard, in some cases, funds may be received instantly.

• Save up to 35% on transaction costs
• Keep your customers happy with a hassle free transaction process

Ready to make the switch and save up to 35%?

With access to multiple providers Procure.ie have the ability to find customised solutions tailored to fit your in-store or online business needs. Expertise and industry knowledge allow for efficient and effective communication between you and the provider, ensuring unnecessary fees are eliminated from your payment processing plan. 

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